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H2Carrier is the designer and owner of the proprietary floating energy production and storage system P2XFloater™: The first industrial scale floating green hydrogen and ammonia facility of its kind in the world.


The concept is based on proven floating production, storage and off-take technology, but based on pressurized and temperature controlled tank technology combined with an e-control system capable of balancing renewable electricity feedstock through our fully integrated PEM and

Haber-Bosch system.


Trusted marine engineering solutions tailor made for a green future

Our naval architects have together with world leading marine engineering groups developed the green ammonia production infrastructure system for the future.

Harnessing renewable energy

Unlocking previously inaccessible
renewable energy, converting it into
a product exportable to markets
across the globe

Zero-environmental footprint

The P2XFloater utilizes local
renewable energy, seawater and air
to produce an environmentally
friendly energy carrier

Pioneering  the green E-fuels market

A mobile production platform that requires almost no existing infrastructure, minimize local environmental impact and produce
industrial scale green ammonia priced among the lowest

Image by Daniel Roe
Image by Tanya Tulupenko

Safe and Proven Technology. 
          Global Cost Leader.
                     Green Economy Pioneer.

The world needs to reduce the world's carbon footprint, everyone can agree on that. The question is how do we go about doing it?

Hydrogen has by the majority of world's renewables experts been hailed as the solution to our future energy problems. However, hydrogen is very difficult to transport in large quantities. This is why using ammonia as an H2 carrier will be paramount to creating meaningful and scalable green infrastructure tools and energy production solutions for a new and greener future.


H2Carrier's P2XFloater by the numbers


Years of accumulated team experience in energy


Electrolysis capacity onboard

Water & air 

Water, air and green energy is the recipe


Tons annual green NH3 production capacity


Tons of CO2 equivalents saved per year

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