H2Carrier and Lebesby to jointly develop floating green ammonia production

Updated: Aug 18

Apr 27, 2022

The municipality of Lebesby in Norway has large amounts of renewable energy resources which in principle are non-commercial due to grid constraints. This in turn, prevents the municipality from progressing important developments and green investments that would create employment and local activities and contribute to the low carbon future.

H2Carrier’s P2XFloater represents an opportunity to develop trapped renewable resources by converting renewable power to green ammonia locally and then ship the product to the international markets.

This forms the background for an announcement today where Lebesby and H2Carrier have agreed to jointly develop floating production projects for green ammonia based on the significant and attractive wind resources in the municipality. The parties plan, in close co-operation with owners of wind power, to engage in a study of the technical and commercial viability of the project.

The key advantages of the P2XFloater is the ability to access inexpensive renewable power (PV solar, wind, hydro), the mobility of the unit (with no or limited decommissioning costs), a fast track project execution with an efficient and competitive cost structure as well as a minimal environmental footprint.

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