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Line Amlund Hagen as new board member

17. Dec 2021

"Hydrogen will have an important role to play in the energy system of the future. As an energy carrier, via ammonia, it is flexible, efficient and potentially all green. I am excited to join the Board of directors of H2Carrier. Their technology has the potential to reform the way we may explore large but remote energy sources and make it accessible for the market. I am looking forward to assist this start-up in reaching it’s potential. I am confident that the strong combined competences of the staff and the board will be able to do just that. The last 30 years I have held various positions within the renewable energy industry, many of these years I have spent evaluating new and promising technologies. I hope my experience will be a valuable contribution to the company and I am looking forward to the road ahead."

-Line Amlund Hagen

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