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Visit in Kjølleford

Jun 30, 2023

The H2Carrier team is visiting Kjøllefjord in Lebesby municipality in the Finnmark region of Norway.

Lebesby municipality and H2Carrier is working together to realise a P2XFloater™ project powered by wind power. The municipality is Norway’s 8th largest with an area of 3452 square kilometres and hosts two wind power projects currently being processed by NVE. With marginal for infrastructure on land and designed for off-grid operations using H2Carrier’s P2XNemo control system, the P2XFloater project is a great fit for the municipality. This can accelerate the renewable power development by starting production without grid upgrades, and in the future, can connect to the expected high-voltage transmission line being planned by Statnett.

The purpose of the visit to Kjøllefjord is to talk with local stakeholders and to study potential use of side-streams such has hot water and oxygen. The team has also been looking at potential sites for the P2XFloater and have talked with several local experts whose opinions and experiences weigh heavy for the decision-making.

The project will bring new employment opportunities and generate substantial local and regional value creation. Innovation Norway recently decided to support the project in Lebesby and its’ support is greatly appreciated by H2Carrier.

H2Carrier recently formed a subsidiary registered in Kjøllefjord as the basis for its’ future activities in Lebesby. The company was named Arktis Energi AS.

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