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H2Carrier is working on several projects globally. There are countless energy projects close to the coast with great potential for renewable energy production which can be brought to the market by the P2XFloater.

True North Green Ammonia

H2Carrier co-operates with Lebesby municipality in Finnmark, Norway. The Finnmark region boasts some of the world's best wind power potential. H2Carrier are working directly with wind developers in the area and has recently initiated an application process for two new wind farms  totaling about 1GW of wind power. Using the P2XFloater is a great way to establish new local job opportunities and facilitate new industries without impacting the environment - independent of the regular power grid.

H2Carrier has received funding from Innovation Norway to conduct studies related to side-streams and business development.

Up to 3 P2XFloaters with rated power of 400-600MW

2023-08-16-Arctic-bad weather-0018a.jpg


The Suez Canal is one of the main transport veins of the world with large volumes of ships passing through every year. H2Carrier is engaged in a project aimed at developing a 200MW P2XFloater to produce green ammonia for export and as a sustainable bunkering fuel for the local maritime traffic.

The renewable energy will be provided by a partnering renewable energy developer and will consist of a mix of solar power and wind power.

P2XFloater with rated power of 200MW


Greenland wind power

In January 2023, H2Carrier entered a Letter of Intent (LoI) for a 1.5GW onshore wind farm with the Greenlandic wind power developer Anori.

Greenland has abundant renewable resources but limited demand and no power export cables. This project will enable the development of large scale wind power resources to be used for ammonia production. The ammonia will in turn be exported to the market using LPG shipping vessels. Anori has put up a 160m mast to measure the wind conditions over the next year.

P2XFloater with rated power 900-1500MW

2023-08-16-Arctic-bad weather-0017a.jpg

Vietnam offshore wind

Bottom-fixed offshore wind is being developed in Vietnam, however, these sites have limited grid capacity and limited local power demand. H2Carrier are working with a developer using the P2XFloater to receive the power locally to produce green ammonia for export.

P2XFloater with rated power of 100MW


Offshore wind Norway

H2Carrier made a study for the Statkraft, the largest producer of renewable energy in Europe. The study assessed the potential of bringing the P2XFloater form sheltered near-shore environments to a true offshore environment positioned out by offshore wind turbines. The study confirmed the technical and operational feasibility of operating the P2XFloater offshore.

p2xfloater_turbines_wo_mooring lines.jpg


H2Carrier is developing two integrated wind and Power-to-X project in the Baltics. The P2XFloater will operate as a combined production plant and export terminal - possibly within a breakwater construction.



The emerging hydrogen sector and aspirations of a hydrogen economy have led to a vast number of publicly funded projects to develop technology assets and business models on national levels. The lessons learned, however, would benefit from combined efforts on regional and global levels: A joint and collaborative approach helps to efficiently exploit regional potentials, match expertise, and create synergies. In this project, the partners from research and industry from Denmark, Finland, and Norway develop a joint pathway for a hydrogen value chain for 2030, 2040, and 2050 in the Nordics with a particular focus on the role of the maritime sector.


The project uses the example of Rønne Havn in Denmark, a mobile Power-to-X facility developed by H2Carrier in Norway, and St1 in Norway and Finland to demonstrate possible value chain components in highly detailed resolution. This allows concluding milestones for pathways towards a joint Nordic effort on developing a hydrogen valley.

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